Here is an account of when I met David Tennant/Barty Crouch Jr

Dressed in full Hogwarts uniform, with wands and the Triwizard cup in hand, we waited at the barrier for the Nativity 2 (Danger In The Manger) premiere on Tuesday 13th November, and it wasn’t long before the beautiful Mr Tennant arrived. 

He took his time on the carpet, and even signed and posed for photos with the children who were lucky enough to walk the red carpet, which is a very rare sight at premiere’s. Eventually he reached us, and upon seeing our Hogwarts uniforms laughed. I asked him to sign my triwizard cup and he looked surprise and said “What’s this THING ?!” my reply was quite simply “…The triwizard cup, from Harry Potter” he grinned and happily signed it before posing for a photo, we stood and talked for a moment, I told him he smelt great, he said that was creepy but he’d forgive me and then suddenly he was lightly tapping my face, apparently  I hadn’t been listening and the photo hadn’t taken so we quickly took another, then he approached my friend who asked him to sign her Slytherin Tie to which he replied "Slytherin ? Is that what house I was in ?" We rolled our eyes and replied with a resounding YES. "I really need to catch up on my Potter!" he replied in his perfect scottish accent.  "Say Morsmorde!" I cried, grinning madly "Morsmorde ? whats that ?"  he asked questioningly “Pretty much your only line!” I said, shaking my head "Oh yes!… MORSMORDE!" he shouted at us, in perfect Barty Crouch Jr form.  He gave us one last beautiful grin before moving down the line of adoring, mainly doctor who, fans. 

It was a brief, but hilarious moment. He was a lovely man, but he really does need to catch up on his Potter.


Dom, David and I 


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